Monday, 16 April 2012

3DS Game Development Document


-          Character
o   Boy and girl human characters
o   Customizable hair, clothes and other features

-          Music
o   Themed music for each area, with faster tempos during battles
o   8 bit music or similar simple style to suit limited sound capabilities of 3DS

-          Art Direction
o   Colourful colour scheme but not loads of bright colours so it doesn’t seem too childish
o   Simple, not realistic graphics to go with the 3DS’ pixel resolution

-          User-interface/Menu systems
o   Rounded square icons on touch screen to select moves, creatures, items

o   Health and stamina bars at top corners of top screen


-          Game Mechanics
o   Create your main character and choose its gender, skin, hair and eye colour, hair style and clothes.

o   Collect and train creatures

o   Earn XP to level up creatures and learn new moves

o   Creatures evolve into stronger forms

o   Customizable house where creatures are kept

o   In house view, the lower screen shows a creature that you can stroke, poke and play with. You can also customise it with accessories, armour and weapons.

o   Explore different areas to find different creatures
o   Areas are unlocked by the player earning enough money to buy a bike or speedboat, etc, to get to the area.

o   Creatures are found randomly in levels and can be caught by weakening them in battle and throwing a Net at them.

o   Items can be found and unlocked randomly in different areas and by doing well in the game, eg. defeating or collecting a certain number of creatures. Items such as weapons, armour, clothes, furniture and coins.

o   Keep unneeded items in storage box in your house

o   Map shown on bottom screen helps to guide the player

-          Controls
o   D-Pad and ABXY buttons used while exploring
o   Either D-Pad and ABXY buttons or touch screen can be used during battle
o   D-Pad, ABXY buttons and touch screen is used to customise house and creatures
o   Camera is used to play AR battles with friends via WiFi or using the same 3DS

-          Items
o   Items that can be used in the game come in different catergories:
§  Weapons to put on your creatures that can be used in battle
§  Armour to put on your creatures to increase defense
§  Accessories to put on your creature that add a special bonus (eg. +5 fire damage) or just to look nice
§  Clothes and accessories to put on your human character
§  Potions and other pick-me-ups that can be used during battle to heal creatures and add bonuses
-          Collectables
o   As there are so many usable items that can be found and rewarded, there won’t be many collectables.
§  The creatures themselves all needed to be collected
§  50 jelly beans are hidden around the game and need to be found


-          Technical Limitiations
o   Not as good graphical capabilities as consoles and PC so the creatures and environments won’t look as good as they could

-          Platform Pro’s and Con’s
o   Pro’s
§  Portable so it can be played a lot in brief gaming sessions
§  3DS’ cameras make Augmented Reality battles possible
§  3D capabilities add another dimension without the need for glasses
o   Con’s
§  Not able to experience great sound and graphics like console and PC games

-          Brief Technical Overview of Platform
Size: 2.9 x 5.3 x 0.8 inches
Weight: Approx. 8 oz
Battery life: 3-5 hours (5-8 hours when playing DS game)
Stylus: Extendable to approx. 3.94 when fully extended

Buttons: Arrow keys, A/B/X/Y, L/R and Start/Select
Circle Pad (360-degree analog input)
Touch screen
Embedded Microphone
Motion sensor
Gyro sensor

Non-gameplay input:
3d Depth Slider
Home button
Wireless switch
Power button

Game card slot (for 3DS and DS games)
SD Card slot
Charging cradle connector
AC adaptor port
Audio jack

Wireless Connection: 2.4 GHz
Sound: Two speakers positioned to the left and right of the top screen (supports virtual surround sound)
Cameras: One inner camera and two outer (3D) cameras each with 0.3 mega pixels resolution


-          Environment/level concepts and descriptions
o   Levels
§  Hometown
·         Player’s house
·         Other houses
·         Shops

§  Jungle

§  Cave
                              §  Antarctic

§  Desert

§  Forest

§  Farm

§  Ocean

o   Each level has a theme running through it
§  Different level art
§  Themed battle area
§  Themed music
§  Specific creatures found in each area

-          Narrative Overview/Narrative Flow Chart
o   The story of the game is based around the animals of the land getting bored with their everyday lives and the children in the game, getting bored of the boring animals.
o   Some children decide to fight them and train them which gives them both more purpose
o   Animals get stronger and wear armour and weapons, making life more interesting
o   The competitive children strive to have better animals than their friends

-          Dialogue
o   Not much dialogue as the game is based around the creatures
o   Mostly competitive phrases like ‘Go get ‘em!”
o   Player cannot talk to creatures


-          Risks
o   Too similar to Pokémon games
o   Players might find normal animals boring
o   Could be seen as cruel towards animals
o   Will it be addictive?

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